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Well known as the birthplace of mainland surfing, Redondo Beach has many accessible areas that are ideal for swimming, surfing, boogie boarding. Both novice and advanced athletes will find the challenge they are looking for in our waters.

George Freeth Memorial
Before there were Duke Kahanamoku, The Beach Boys, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, there was the original "surfer dude" George Freeth.


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A County Bike Path is 27 miles of oceanfront walking, skating, and biking, from Torrance Beach to Santa Monica. The beach, sun, fresh breezes and the Esplanade – Redondo Beach has it all. For fantastic ocean views and beach scenes, walk, skate or bike north or south along the beach and King Harbor. From the harbor, south takes you along the beautiful Redondo Beach Esplanade to Torrance Beach. North takes you along the strand through Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach or you can cycle through neighboring beach cities for more than 20 miles to Venice and Santa Monica.


A romantic sunset cruise or a high speed boat ride along the surf line—two boats offer the best of both worlds, take your choice.

Sample human power, wind or speed. Tour King Harbor or the adjacent ocean area on a kayak, wave runner or sail boat. Don't forget to bring your sunscreen and camera for a complete water sports experience.

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Redondo Sport Fishing offers a fleet of deep-sea sport fishing vessels for the real enthusiast. Half-day trips are available twice daily aboard the REDONDO SPECIAL or the CITY OF REDONDO, which fish Rocky Point and other popular fishing grounds.

The three-quarter day boat, SEA SPRAY fishes Catalina Island and other local spots. In the summer months it adds a twilight run which leaves at 6 p.m. daily. Senior discounts are available on the half-day and three-quarter day boats, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The HIGHLINER is a charter fishing boat with a friendly and experienced crew, specializing in small group charters of up to 15 people. Fishing looks good this year and local anglers seize the opportunity to fill up the freezer.

Ticket office, tackle shop and passenger boarding is on the Redondo Sport Fishing Pier in Redondo Beach Marina. Fishing licenses and pole rentals are available at the tackle shop. Don't miss a hearty breakfast next door at Polly's On The Pier. Call 310-372-2111 for information. Fish count hotline is 310-376-1622.


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Alta Vista Park
801 Camino Real
Redondo Beach, CA

Anderson Park
2229 Ernest
Redondo Beach, CA

Andrews Park
1800 Rockefeller Lane
Redondo Beach, CA

Aviation Park
1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Redondo Beach, CA

Dominguez Park
200 Flagler
Redondo Beach, CA

Franklin Park
850 Inglewood Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA
Hopkins Wilderness Park
1102 Camino Real
Redondo Beach, CA

Lilienthal Park
2400 190th Street
Redondo Beach, CA

Perry Park
2301 Grant
Redondo Beach, CA

Seaside Lagoon
200 Portofino Way
Redondo Beach, CA

Veterans Park
309 Esplanade
Redondo Beach, CA

Sea Laboratory

Have fun learning about Redondo Beach's amazing coastal sea life at the highly regarded Marine Research Laboratory.

Located at 1021 North Harbor Drive at Herondo Street at the edge of King Harbor, this marine education center offers public tours, which can be arranged by appointment by calling 310 318-7432

Click to visit the SEA Laboratory's website .

“A Quiet Day of Renewal”
When dawn breaks, go to one of the many yoga centers that offer early morning classes in the Riviera Village. Stretching and posturing will put you in the “it's all-about-me today” mindset. Walk to one of the many coffee cafes for a leisurely yogi tea and bran muffin as you sit outside and people watch. If you just happen to be here on a Thursday, head over to the Redondo Beach Farmer's Market at Veteran's Park that overlooks the ocean and fill your shopping bag with fresh fruit and organic veggies.
Continue to walk north along the beach toward the Redondo Beach Marina where you will find a variety of ocean tours that offer gentle waves that will lull you straight into deep meditation. Have an early dinner or late lunch at any of Redondo Beach's healthy restaurants with an abundant selection of vegetarian options. End your day offering gratitude as you watch the glorious sunset sitting on a bench at Veteran's Park.
“A Day to Get Your Heart Pumping”
Jump out of bed before dawn and rent a bicycle to take the bike path straight to the Redondo Beach Pier. Undoubtedly you have worked up a good sweat, so reward yourself with breakfast at one of the many authentic beach cafes on the Pier. Once you are finished, pedal a short jaunt to the Redondo Beach Marina to choose your next heart-pumping activity. Want to surf the perfect Redondo Beach waves? Rent any size board there, or find other ocean activity equipment such as windsurfing, kayaking, fishing boats, etc. Feel like rollerblading? Find your size there as well.
Burned enough calories and feel famished for lunch? Treat yourself to a low carb fast bite at one of the many outdoor cafes. While you catch your breath, get ready for your next activity, which could be riding your bike to one of the many pay-per-class exercise facilities in the Riviera Village or you could lay out on the pristine Redondo Beach sand and catch some rays for a spell. You've definitely earned a good dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants in Redondo Beach… whether it be in the Riviera Village, King Harbor or the Redondo Beach Pier and they don't care if you're still in sweats… it's Southern California after all! End of day? Take a nice hot soak in the Jacuzzi at your hotel.

Beaches Redondo Beach

It has been said that when one reaches the Pacific Ocean, one runs out of options. Not true. Redondo Beach provides visitors infinite opportunities to enjoy the sheer pleasures of the endless summer lifestyle. Swimming, surfing, biking, skating—the South Bay beaches are connected by a unique thoroughfare, the L.A. County Bikeway.

Bike Trails- A County Bike Path is 27 miles of oceanfront walking, skating, and biking, from Torrance Beach to Santa Monica. The beach, sun, fresh breezes and the Esplanade – Redondo Beach has it all. For fantastic ocean views and beach scenes, walk, skate or bike north or south along the beach and King Harbor. From the harbor, south takes you along the beautiful Redondo Beach Esplanade to Torrance Beach. North takes you along the strand through Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach or you can cycle through neighboring beach cities for more than 20 miles to Venice and Santa Monica.

400 - 1700 Esplanade, Redondo Beach

Live Beach Webcams/Weather/Surf Reports

Facilities: Swimming, Surfing, Pier, Bike path , Diving, boating, Strand Walkway, Volleyball courts, Bait and Fishing tackle shop, Shopping, Restrooms, Showers
Children: Swings
Parking: Yes
Food: Yes
ADA: Wheelchair access to Pier, Strand paved walkway, and restrooms, Ramp to beach fishing

Links: City of Redondo Beach ,
California State Beaches

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on the beach during daylight hours.
Southern Surf Report (310-379-8471)

Do not touch or disturb any marine life on the beach. Animals on the beach are wild and may bite. If you see an injured animal on the beach, ask a lifeguard to call animal rescue.

Marina Del Rey:

Marina del Rey, located between Long Beach and Santa Barbara is homeport to over 5,000 pleasure boats and is considered to be the ultimate Pacific marina devoted to yachting. Visit for a vacation or for the day, and enjoy beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping, boating and fishing.

The Guide to the Marina describes the hotels, shopping, and dining. For water activities, check out our Boating and Fishing information. For current wind and water conditions, take a look at Watch the Water Beach Webcams . To view
the Leases for Marina del Rey parcels, view Leases and Amendments .

  • Chace Park
    • Multipurpose community room for meetings or weddings
    • Guest Boat Docks (overnight and 4-hour) ( next to boat launch ramp )
    • Outdoor wedding locations
    • Picnic shelters with barbecue grills
    • Marina del Rey Summer Concerts (Classical and Pop) - Free
      Download 2008 Brochure
      FARE: $1.00 per person, one way.
      Day Pass available for $5.00; Season Pass for $30.00
      Bikes and strollers welcome. No smoking or pets on board.

      Waterbus service available during the summer:
      Fridays: 5pm - Midnight; Saturdays: 11am - Midnight
      Sundays: 11am - 9pm
      Holiday Schedule: July 4: 11am - Midnight; Labor Day:11am - 9pm

      WaterBus service to and from the Marina del Rey Summer Concert Series
      - Classical Thursdays: 5pm - Midnight
      (July 10, July 24, August 7, August 21)
      - Pop Saturdays: 11am - Midnight
      (July 19, August 2, August 16, August 30)

      On-Call Pick-up service available at seven Marina del Rey WaterBus stops.
      Dial 310-628-3219 to schedule a pick-up or arrive at the WaterBus stop and
      the dock attendant will arrange for your pick-up.
      WaterBus stops are located at:
      Burton Chace Park, 13650 Mindanao Way (ADA accessible)
      Fisherman's Village, 13755 Fiji Way
      Marina "Mother's" Beach, 4101 Admiralty Way, corner Admiralty and Palawan Way (ADA accessible)
      Los Angeles County Fire Station #110 - 4433 Admiralty Way (ADA accessible)
      Dolphin Marina, 13900 Panay Way Dock Gate C-200 (ADA accessible)
      Marina Harbor, 14028 Tahiti Way, Dock Gate A-2200 (ADA accessible)
      Esprit I, 13900 Marquesas Way, Dock Gate B-416 (ADA accessible)

      Ample parking available at nearby County lots for a reasonable fee:
      LA County Lot #4 - 13500 Mindanao Way
      LA County Lot #5 - 4545 Admiralty Way
      LA County Lot #9 - 14110 Palawan Way
      LA County Lot #10 - 4101 Mindanao Way
      LA County Lot #11 - 14101 Panay Way
      Burton Chace Park Lot - 13650 Mindanao Way
      Fisherman's Village - 13737 Fiji Way

      Disabled Access:
      To accommodate our disabled community, ADA accessible ramps are located at Burton Chace Park, Waterfront Walk/Fire Station #110, Dolphin Marina, Marina Harbor, Marina "Mother's" Beach, and Esprit I. WaterBus attendants will arrange for land taxi service for passengers needing special assistance to any WaterBus boarding stop for $1.00.
      Catch a ride on the Playa Vista Beach Shuttle to and from the Marina del Rey Summer Concert Series. The Beach Shuttle operates weekends during the summer, and during the Thursday Marina del Rey Summer Concert Series. View the 2008 brochure
    • Outdoor Adventure programs: Learn to kayak or go birdwatching.
    • Discover Marina del Rey Day (October)
    • Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade
    • New Year's Eve Fireworks
    • 4th of July Fireworks
    • Stroller and Wheelchair-accessible paved walkways
    • Fishing Dock (no license required)
  • Marina "Mother's" Beach
    • Safe swimming for children (shallow, no surf)
    • Children's playground with pirate ship
    • Windsurfing and kayaking
    • Bike and skate rentals
    • Next to restaurants, lodging
    • Picnic shelters
    • Lifeguard on duty
  • Yvonne B. Burke (formerly Admiralty) Park
  • Boat Launch Ramp
  • Aubrey Austin Park and North Jetty Walkway
    • North Jetty (wheelchair-accessible)
    • Lagoon Overlook (wheelchair-accessible)
  • Parking Information
  • Miles/kilometers from all major Southern California attractions.

For more information and hotel reservations, contact the
Marina del Rey Convention and Visitors Bureau or call 310-306-9900

The City's Harbor Enterprise occupies over 150 acres of land and water area and offers many types of recreation for the out-of-town tourist and the nearby resident. The early 1960's brought the development of King Harbor, which combined with the Municipal Pier to create the dynamic and diversified recreational enterprise we have today. There's boating, swimming, fishing, shopping, and of course relaxing with a meal or drink at one of our many fine restaurants. Visit our hotels, relax in our parks, listen to live music at the Pier: the possibilities are endless! The Harbor Enterprise also offers fantastic locations for filming and tremendous real estate opportunities for developers, restaurateurs and retailers.

The function of the City's Harbor Department is to manage the City's property along the waterfront to ensure an attractive area for recreation and commerce. The City's Harbor Enterprise includes the area west of Harbor Drive from the City's boundary with Hermosa Beach to just south of the Redondo Beach Pier (at Torrance Blvd.), plus the parcel containing the Sunrise Hotel (on North Harbor Drive @ Beryl Street). For a map of the Harbor Enterprise, click here.

The mission statement of the Department is:

"To provide clean and safe amenities on public property in order to create an environment that attracts residents and visitors to fish, recreate and do business."

While the City owns the land in the Harbor Enterprise, most of the land is ground leased to private entities for long terms. Under these leases, the "leaseholder" controls the use of the property and typically becomes responsible for maintenance and development on that property. The Harbor Department administers (as "Landlord") the lease agreements on behalf of its citizens, and in return, the City receives rental from each leaseholder based upon the level of business activity upon the land held under lease. A map of these leased areas is available here . All lease agreements are available for review at the City Clerk's Office at City Hall, Door "C" (415 Diamond Street), and soon may be available online. The City does retain control of certain pieces of property and leases some building spaces directly to restaurant and retail businesses. Among those leasing building spaces directly from the City are: Kincaid's Bayhouse, Joe's Crab Shack, and the entire "Horseshoe" portion of the Redondo Beach Pier, including Tony's on the Pier ("Old Tony's").

Revenues from the Harbor Enterprise are used not only to cover our administration function, but also General Fund portions of other Departments operating within the Harbor Enterprise. The other Departments include: Police, Fire (Harbor Patrol), Public Works (Maintenance), Recreation (Seaside Lagoon), Planning, Building & Safety, Engineering and City Attorney. Revenues are also reinvested into the City's waterfront property for maintenance of current public improvements and facilities, as well as for Capital Projects (new developments).



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